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lirik lagu whispers of the ancient gods – noctem


the land murmurs to me in the solitude of the night
the stars behold me like frozen eyes in the sky

the cold air cuts my face like blades
the moonlight shows itself through the leaves of trees

older than the last of the masters that governed the earth
they will return to reign where men do

the wind moaned their voices like screams in h*ll
desolating my soul that is crawling through a frozen plain

my soul was taken where the ancient rits were howled once
there the sun is weak and with less shine than a star
among piles of bones they spoke to me about the corruption of souls
showing me the grace of primeval rain before the dawn of men

is a shameful secret, freedom isn’t made for everyone
they’ll try to tame you with faith and the cross

confront your way with courage, stay strong
the unyielding spirit never kneels down