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lirik lagu 1 up – norman perry


[verse 1]
i know what you tryna do
you tryna make me feel jealous
you know that i’m selfish, you know i’ll get rude
tonight i ain’t worried ’bout you
and i’m faded with it
i been sippin’ crazy with my bright n-gg-s
you be snappin’ pictures with them shady n-gg-s
hoping imma trip, i’m chasing m and ends
whatcha doin’?
baby girl what you playin’?
go rock with them, it’s cool
‘cuz you know where you stand
i know you back from the dead
you used to twist up my braids
i got you locked like a dread
i know i’m all in your head, now baby

let me roll one blunt, it’s due
remove all your problems
there’s two on this bottle
let’s act like there’s no time to lose
so let me take three pills
‘cuz i need to be real and tell you that i f-ck with you
let me pour four up, and that’s for the slow up
i know that be too much for you

so let me pour one up for you
let me pour one up for you
(i got whatcha need, anything girl that’s on me shorty)
so let me pour one up for you
(you rockin’ with me, you best believe you a queen shorty)

[verse 2]
you deservin’ ‘cuz you hold it down for me
cops rush, you gone hold it down for me
stash my drugs, you gone hold it down for me
you got my love how you hold it down for me
f-ck around i might let you hold my fatty
stick around i might give you a baby
stick around imma give you a baby
you know you been my lady