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lirik lagu enemy. – notkingjae


[verse 1]
waking up late
with this girl on my chest and my back swear
i was losing the weight
but this migraine and this back pain mixed with a
stomach ache
is telling me different
she telling me sh*t and i listen
now i feel different
is she right? who am i kidding
after all, i ain’t that n*gga, hmm
motivator and a critic, hmm
the biggest one i’ll admit it, hmm
some days so innocent
but still tripping bout the imminent
some days she
most days she actin like an enemy
i don’t why, but
most days i don’t think she into me
but she my ride or die in the most literal
been there with me fore they cut the umbilical
crazy situations where it was critical
alterboy the improvement was clinical
negative energy pass me by
that’s the only way that imma fly, yo
[chorus 2x]
i was my worst enemy
now we all on the same team
now we all just let it be
now we all just let it go
every weapon thrown at me
god won’t ever let it be
it won’t ever get to me
now we all just let it go