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lirik lagu another – notorious b.i.g.


(feat. lil’ kim)

[biggie] yeah… f-ck you
[lil kim] f-ck you too!
[b.i.g.] f-ck you b-tch
[lil kim] f-ck you motherf-cker
[b.i.g.] you ain’t sh-t anyway, f-ck you
[lil kim] you ain’t sh-t, you fat motherf-cker
[b.i.g.] yeah, whatever whatever
[lil kim] whatever
[b.i.g.] you wasn’t saying that when you was sucking my d-ck
[lil kim] you wasn’t saying that when you was eating my p-ssy!
you a nasty motherf-cker!
[b.i.g.] check it, uhh
[lil kim] crab -ss

[chorus one: b.i.g.]

what do ya do when yo’ b-tch is untrue?
you cut that hooker off and find someone new
i need another b-tch (another b-tch), in my life

[verse one: notorious b.i.g.]

uh-huh, uhh, uhh
i know he don’t treat you like i treat you
time to explain the game you see through
s-x is lethal, i ain’t gonna lie
means to get ya back, i ain’t gonna try
like this you all, my girl sucked another n-gg- d-ck y’all
light skinned with the chrome out six y’all
thought they was creeping, two trips to v-a every third weekend
while you was sleeping, he hit you on the box
sixty-nine go non-stop
should’ve left ya then, but my heart said not
you knew too much, the relationship grew too much
you knew about the crack vials, means to be trialed
way i hid dough under the bathroom towel
waited for a while, thought you was my right thing
then things got frightening
peep the scene, sorta like sam rosten
guess you ginger, huh, go figure
never thought you could be a gold digger
take my dough and spend with the next n-gg-
asked my man trigga, my ace boom c–n
told me cut the b-tch off ‘fore the sh-t balloon
now i’m like brandy, sittin in my room
p-ssy drunk listening to stylistic tunes
or the o-jays, thinkin bout the old days
my n-gg-‘s like, f-ck that b-tch, go play
baller, did she beep you? don’t call her
guess who i seen, that freak b-tch paula
she was asking bout ya whereabouts
here’s the digits, i know you can wear that out
tear that out the frame, ya game so tight
you’ll be all f-cking night

[chorus two: lil kim]

what do ya do when your man is untrue?
do you cut the sucker off and find someone new?
i need another man, in my life

[verse two: lil kim]

mmm, uhhh, uhhh!
member when you said you would die for me, sh-t
all of that was just lies to me
motherf-cker should’ve never said bye to me
now you cry for me, like jodeci
it’s like that y’all, my n-gg- hit another b-tch from the back y’all
black nasty and matter fact you all
should’ve seen the hoe, n-gg- pack ya sh-t
you out the door, oh
what about the fight in the mirage?
i seen ya benz, parked outside my sister’s garage
said it was ya friend rog, bullsh-t
i ain’t gonna keep puttin up wit the bullsh-t
and still i, never sweat these b-tches
who be hanged like plaques on the wall and ya pictures
scaling fishes, my love is concrete
stashin ya heat in the p-ssenger seat
of the nautica jeep, we’ve been down for so long
still a b-tch like me trying to hold on
teary eyed, d-mn a b-tch steaming
girls steady screaming, ‘kim you need to leave him!’
when i testified in court, couldn’t think straight
thinkin bout the b-tches i fought
over you, n-gg- half the sh-t you bought
and f-ck you, moving is my last resort
you see nine outta ten n-gg-s, ain’t sh-t
one outta five n-gg-s suck a d-ck
ya mad at me, too bad she ain’t as bad as me
could’ve kept the freak b-tch off my canape
now you see, ain’t no p-ssy warm as mine
long as mine, ain’t no love as strong as this
when i sucked ya d-ck, it’s like smocking a roach
uhh, i go from first cl-ss to coach

[chorus one, chorus two, chorus one, chorus two]