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lirik lagu 1999 – notre dame


behold the king of terror as he rises like a sun, a fitting tribute
to the new and dark and millennium, resurrected the anti-christ
because he knows the time is short…
the dark prophetic po?ms has been accurate before,
napoleon and hitler, now the current third world war
all figures, names and numbers – everything turns upside down…
1999 – the true believers claim it is the year we all shall die
1999 – an united group of sceptics says they’re all way out of line
somewhere in a hospital a newborn was swapped
a small miscalculation where the month was missed with one,
the seventh son of seven overshadowed the august sun
the countdown has begun, it’s the beginning of the end…
1999 – the m-ss of misled mongers couldn’t read between the lines
1999 – when charon takes his ferry across the seven seas of rhye
1999 – why!
1999 – a wake up call, we got to kill the monster while it’s small
1999 – if we cannot heed the warning, then at least we can recall
1999 – the words of nostradamus will accordingly…
fall into oblivium while he is uprising with strength wins the peoples immovable trust
then takes us by the hand on a walk to the ends of the earth