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lirik lagu 0-100 remix – novi novak


[intro: novi novak]
we can do that
ima hitt’m with that, like that
that like, 1994 voice, you know what i’m sayin?

[verse 1: novi novak]
just ‘try n’ look you’ll ‘find’ the hooks
like how i kick it ‘big time’ like goliath foot
i’m at the ball game seein ref snot
sittin in the best spot like when suge drove pac (gunshot)

every beat i at least potty, chicago’s
t–th knocky not chief keef copy
i bring shotty, i.e. i mean body
any mother f-ckin’ beat that i ever touch!
dead the stuff, f it up, in plethoras
like i just caught my b-tch in bed with it

look i’m high as a ‘jamaican’ ‘sp-ce station’
bein looked at by an ‘asian’ at low ‘elevation’
so ‘hatin’ on me won’t get you no where
i’d be polite but i just don’t care
used to be so broke picked up floor change
now my re-mix’ got ya ‘sea sick’ from the flow change

‘conjured’ up my ‘toddler’
‘sinatra’d’ those ‘impostors’
like some ‘mobsters’ in my ‘genre’
and i did with ‘proper posture’
now in ‘honor’ of my ‘father’
i just ‘monsta’ these ‘entendre’
lines are like a ‘boxers clobber’
live by the code ain’t talkin ‘java’
but sh-t man
my ‘d-ck hangs’ like ‘big chains’ on ‘sl!ck rick’ or ‘rick james’
i ‘spit game’ n ‘split dames’
dope flamed wrote my own lane wit no change
like cocaine on the nose of a snow man

i’m oz
mother theresa
nas enc-mbered with ether
fonz cursed with a fever against bond’s standard procedure
they like “man whats the odds that i can get feature?”
i’m like ‘nah’ we wouldn’t kick it playin fifa

why? cuz any rapper would just eatcha
so so so you understand i will repeat bruh
cuz any rapper would just eatcha, we not e-qual

you can’t ‘incline’ your ‘mind’ to ‘mine’
as ‘i’m’ ‘primin’ the most ‘prime’ ‘paradigm’ to ‘shine’
as ‘line’ for ‘line’ ‘my’ ‘rhymes’ are ‘designed’ to ‘twine’
into the ‘kind’ that’s ‘kinda’ ‘kind’ never ‘defined’ as ‘lyin’
it ain’t nun
still ain’t dead
they can’t tell your crazy man that’s just in your head
stand up straight, smile (okay), whats happened to me?
am i insecure? are all these people laughin at me
see i mess up on purpose, drive them away
cause soon as you attache hurt come into ‘play’
ain’t a ho, say she don’t go all the way so
….. basically she peyton manning at the super bowl, huhuh

did that make me sound like an -ssh0l-
cuz i was just tryin to be funny
im still nove but now i’m like bananas for money
so i’m goin for the bread like aladdin’s monkey

obviously the opposite of what your profits get
i cop a sit n drop some sh-t like a f-ckin bank hostage hit
cuz hip hop juries would say so surely
my bars dirty as a juicy j threesome story hehehe

[outro: novi novak]
ohhh you like that laugh?

sincerest apologies for the, the lateness, i i i i’ve been workin in the background cause i ain’t have n0body to piggie back on, hop on they back, and have other rappers, get me where i’m at, you know what i’m talkin bout?

and when you do it yourself, the greatness takes time and i understand that it takes tiiime oh lordy

so either way, hibernation’s over ii in august, cue the mischievous laugh, hehehe he-he hehehehe

and then the album sometime in the spring