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lirik lagu mutually assured dysfunction – novocation


[verse 1: keats]
d-mn, what a lovely night
bitta wine and my girl here by my side
candlelight i feel good tonight
no spite in sight we’re gunna be alright
it always starts so well
blue eyes and wedding bells
our paths were parallel
under a spell
whoops, that took a turn
hit the point of no return
like a roger federer serve, whose fault?
a cause for concern honey p-ss the salt
barely adults yet, can’t get commitment involved yet
not grown yet, just going through the process
she said ‘wow, that was cold. you could’ve fooled me you had a f-cking soul. you couldn’t play your role? did you lose control? am i limiting your ability to reach your goals?’ (woah)
‘you just gave it all up like that
all we f-cking had at the drop of a hat’
true, but my heart and my gut said leave
had to wear that on my sleeve
felt uneven for weeks, but i found relief
‘d-mn dude you just became that pr-ck i resent.’
fine next time i’ll f-cking stay and just pretend i’m content (nah)

[hook: keats]
hanging on for the sake of our hearts
hanging on for the sake of our minds, well i lost mine
the last thing i wanted to do was waste our time
but according to you, i crossed a line

[verse 2: samson]
you’ve heard the end lets take you to the beginning
based on a fake story but i hope you find the meaning
let me set the scene, like any 18th another crazy evening, beer pong, beer bong
listening to the same songs, but this night was something to remember
not another mundane night in september
its one i’ll never forget but will always regret
when i see you on the dance floor you leave me in a trance for a moment in my zone and you’re the one i’d chance my hand on
you move like youre feening for me, and like a broom to the leg you had me swept off my feet
tryna build the confidence to enter your aura
you’re not amy shark but you should know i adore ya
i’m not jimmy carr one-liners won’t court ya, you’re way too cl-ssy for that
take my hipocritic oath cause you could be something serious
your body says smoking but your eyes say mysterious
think and rethink and i’ll be here forever
why can’t i just be witty or clever?
time is of the essence to be brutally honest, i make my way over though i am no adonis
i look into her eyes and see all i’ve ever wanted and i’ve instantly fallen in love
now we’re grinding like i do on the beat by keats, and after tonight you won’t be on your feet for weeks
we’re getting down like books and shaolin, friends leaving but i won’t throw the towel in
been 30 minutes on the d-floor and my knees sore from bouncing up and down like a see-saw
i’m sweating profusely but now is the opportune time to use this term loosely
i say, ‘hey samson’s my name. try not to be intimidated by my fame. playing less than 5 minutes and i’ve changed the game.’
‘do i look like i give a f-ck?’
‘no but that hasn’t deterred me before.’
judging by her face i can tell that she’s bored
i find those four words i’ve been searching for
“wanna take the tour?”
our conversational give and take is something to see
i’m actually in with a shot here you’d have to agree
punching hard rocky iv drago v creed
we enter the bed room this is hard to believe
under the sheets, kkk
i ask for a kiss she says no way
sh-t’s darker than every single shade of grey
i can tell that she’ s definitely worth the wait
time p-sses and we’re living together, sticking together like it’s a hot day and your jacket is leather
that’s what good waffles do, and i know you got an ego i’m sorry el nino gambino, gave it away
like p-ssing it to d-rose, spit real sh-t not gun noises, migos now we sidetracked, lets get back to the matter of fact
you cheated on me two months in had no time to react
you said we weren’t exclusive but b-tch you were elusive i wish i could’ve seen all the signs and the clues if i’d known the late nights were date nights i could’ve played it right and saved the fights
another night you come home high as h-ll, sweatier than trump at a taco bell
as you can tell i’m headed for the door can’t take anymore this is the last straw

[hook: keats]
hanging on for the sake of our hearts
hanging on for the sake of our minds, well i lost mine
the last thing i wanted to do was waste your time
but you, you crossed a line

[verse 3: samson]
must be a nice guy always finish last
you’re jason alexander clinging to the past – hope you had a blast
i’m just glad it’s over now, you’ll move on fast though, and find another guy to plow
elegance ain’t your forté, imma go my own way
fleetwood mac a b-tch, would’ve worked if i was rich
you wanted to get hitched, you faked that you were pregnant
it won’t make you enceinte, you’re the reason it went stagnant
this ain’t the notebook it’s the taming of the shrew
take years to name all the things i hate about you
harder to decypher than zodiac, when we were together you were biff i’m the almanac
never thought i’d trust someone trust someone so much to have it all just turn to dust
but it was everyday monotony, not a thriller its on repeat
spend more money mcfc, i’ve gotta break free like queen
you betrayed me like kd or jay z, mvp lemonading like crazy, you really think youll replace me thats ok see (okc) i’ll get the whole world to embrace me
guess i’m better unfettered by the one that i’ve bedded, instead of headed to be wedded, and led to a dead end where i’ve pled to get beheaded, boy i’m glad that i said it
i make my own luck, all you do is be two-faced
you aren’t an outcast i hope you know that your poo stanks
taking laxatives backwards sh-t spilling through your t–th
you’re a joker with no oscar ain’t got nothing on heath
you go both ways like a palindrome
i’ve got more flow than an edgar allen poe(m)
i’m over you b-tch that’s all that’s left to say
and video games aren’t just for lana del rey, no