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lirik lagu 50 packs – nre quan


got alot of packs
packs on top of packs
makin me stacks on stacks
and it get you nothing like that (x2)

[post hook:]
gotta lotta packs, got bout 50 packs (x4)

[verse 1:]
every time you see the f-cking pack
you see me selling it just like that
these f-ck n-gg-s can’t even do it like that
the way you see it missing it’ll give you a heart attack

packs,packs,packs 50 packs up in the ceiling
packs,packs,packs 50 packs and then i sell it
packs,packs,packs 50 packs you can’t believe it
packs,packs,packs 50 packs now you can’t see it

[hook/post hook:]

[verse 2:]
50 packs with that dagga sh-t
50 packs and i’m smashing it
brock lesnar f-5 and suplex it
50 packs at the socket jigging and finessing


[hook/post hook:]