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lirik lagu 0 to 100 remix – nuevo


[verse 1: nuevo]
and you know i’m with the squad though
flow dirty but you know that it’s a art though
so sick give you cancer like malboro’s
i don’t really care it sells tickets to our shows
on the way to the condo
enough money to forget about our souls
eating on the court like my name was rondo
now take a look at all the rings i done brought home
i got that cartel like i was el chapo
pull up on you just forget about the law though
finding women like i was sherlock holmes
running with these vixons but i ain’t no fox though

[verse 2]
i wasn’t ready, i needed some training
gone for three years they all stayed complaining
like, “where’s nuevo? i thought he was slaying.”
but i’m actually at your local function causing mayhem
and they reeally be like “you all better pay him.”
jumping like i was a dealer and just laced them
you all is just some chickens and i stayed hen
been in this rap game since i turned ten
these girls thirsty drink some ensure then
i’m the best don’t believe me? make sure then
shed females like i had some fur man
my flow so down to earth man
they do damage bout to leave you hurt man
i’m an open book girl no need to lurk than
and just know if you a wave then i’mma surf man
then leave ya body stretched out on the curb man
we go 0 to 100
and you know that we all out here stunting
in the studio oh that boy up to something
just wait for the mixtape, y’all know you loving

y’all know you loving
y’all know you loving
just wait for the mixtape y’all know you loving