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lirik lagu bummertown – numbmoi


4th of july
watch the fireworks by myself
you see them up in the sky?
they’re all for myself
i sit back and wonder where my life is
i spent too many days living lifeless
i’ve been feeling timeless
just like lenin’s body
don’t invite me to the party
i’d just ruin it
i do stupid sh-t
stupid kids
thoughts are morbid and they’re morphing him
into different person
i’ve felt lonely my whole f-cking life
searching for a place to feel in place, but i never find
i’m scared of time p-ssing by in ways i couldn’t live life
tears don’t fall from my eyes
these days i want a spotlight
“but who’s house is this? who’s mind is this?”
it’s none of our business
i spent too much time regressing feelings i’ve become numb
i end up chasing everything i run from
i quit wanting to feel now i want to feel something
people feel that way and get f-cked up
the suns up

[orchestral instrumental]

[beat change: am/pm]

am to pm
i do it every weekend
what do you expect i’m just freaking
dreaming every night about everything i’m seeing
the way that i’m moving you would think i’m leaving
i have trouble breathing
breathe in, breathe out
the world look different
i hope they can’t see what’s wrong with me
i feel like nothing will ever help me
and it’s a scary feeling i share with only me
i should get out the house, find some help

all i ever wanted was to feel in place
now the world’s about to end, i don’t show my face