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lirik lagu 10toes – nyuon


[intro: nyuon]

never count him out ten toes
working like he might explode
coming for it how he knows
so it’s back to the very first road

[verse 1: nyuon]

never count him out ten toes
working like he might explode
coming for it how he know
so it’s back to the very first road

see it’s back to the very first goal
back to the very first flow, no
never been the type to fight unprovoked
never been the type to bite when i flow!

there’s things in this world that i don’t know
and places in this life that i won’t go but i (i)
take it how it come if i don’t try (try)
might as well drop, might as well die (die)

get it how you live, if you bout
dolemite hustle, we in the struggle
fight for your dreams if you bout (bout it)
homy you a king better shout it (shout it)
and if you’re ever down never doubt it

i remember, i remember nothing
i’m so focused, i want that something
all my life nerves got me fronting
but all my life my heart beat is thumping ()

it’s telling me!

turn into the plug that’s the goal
and if you show me love i’ll give you all (all)
i’m just saying what the cost?
pay id it quick, i’m just tryna be the boss

in the cosmos, getting high just because
never for the love i just do it for the buzz
but i’m burnt out (burnt out)
please let me know how you turned out
never let this fun sh*t turn south
if you’re like me on a different rout
listen to yourself do it right now!
[outro: nyuon]

met that n*gg, felt it quick
he ain’t sh*t, so i dip!
poured me a sip then i took a hit
money to get i encourage that sh*t
working on me watch me flourish that sh*t
sad times ima burry that sh*t!