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lirik lagu roughnecks – obie trice


(feat. deuce wonder)

moss productions
obie trice…
ha ha, yeah!

[obie trice]
rap is a necessity, so god don’t question me
about how long i been doin this sh-t here
i spark like a flare, and tear through a stank b-tch underwear
when my testosterone’s in full gear
i’m rugged – and when the music b-mp out
i call n-gg-z out, that’s how i club it
sh-t, you dug it, yo’ punk -ss got r-t-rded
cause the moment my music b-mp your p-ssy -ss farted
ha! that’s how hard i hit
call it collision effect to make you player haters sick
obie trice truly is ridiculous with lyrics
i know you wanna drive my style but talk stidd-cks
new millenium n-gg-, bringin mayhem
my slave rap is for real, games i never played ’em
i’ll stab him in the abdomen
and leave him gaspin for air like asthma really attacked him
i’ll leave you paralyzed with no more action, or verb
i know obie get on your nerves
i’m like a n-gg- tryin to stay at your spot, without a job
or a gang of thugs beatin on your head by the mob
run that sob[?] but no more heartthrob
you’re stiff like a carc-ss full of maggots and sh-t
layin on the corner
i leave bodies more rotted than john jr.’s body at the motherf-ckin coroner
your face mutilated, legs decapitated
from foul f-ckin your d-ck, your d-ck disintegrated
burnt n-gg-z never learned n-gg-
it’s obie trice – now say nice!

[chorus: deuce wonder]
my veins pump purple rain
my pores sweat liquid cocaine
my eyes are dry, dry, dry..
my spirit’s maaade in proof
my body craaaves that juice
my mind is high, high, high..
you on the wrong side of these drums

[obie trice]
i intensify your high
bump me through your systems and watch blood trickle out your eye
i make you feel like you meltin, or seein the devil, in 3-d
only it’s obie on cd
mr. trice unfamiliar?
but i’m the same n-gg- that killed ya – go read ya poem
i hit harder than them hiroshima type bombs
relocate arms – no more wri-ting
obie trice be live for the night
and any n-gg- try to take that, threatens my excitement
and yo, that’s when i get violent
and create with your blood like the red violin
yeah, i bet you’ll be silent then
o. trice rock harder than infinite h-rny men
tipsy off gin, that’s when i begin to sin
even if i lose no one wins
i’m an ex-convict escaped from h-ll
returned, to take the world over as well
mc’s rather me be in the cell
rather than seein me up the block hoppin out a drop-top 12


[obie trice]
i come strapped, with a pack of gats
that’ll eliminate you, and that flat you stay at
nosy neighbors
i break out the -rs-nic -rs-nal and firebomb your block for acres
who would’ve thought? me!
obie trice, the destruction of a fake wannabe
you claim you’re hardcore when you’re soft as you wanna be
that type of sh-t gets you lost unfortunately
your mother miss ya, she thinks she ain’t sh-t
“oh i ain’t raised him right! oh i’m such a b-tch!”
sh-t change, when the bullet meets the brain
leave a ugly first impression
and leave a dirty mess on your girlfriend’s dress
and he wouldn’t give a f-ck, how loud the b-tch screamin
call him a demon, i call him a slug
not a thug but a slug that’ll rip through a thug’s mug


new millenium sh-t