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lirik lagu pay per view (round one) – october london


she’s askin’ for it
talked all of that sh*t
now it’s a match she’s wantin’
she said she gone take me down
like floyd mayweather
but i’m more like iron mike
i’m on a different level
going straight for the body
she’s going blow after blow
but i snuck in with a right hook
that’s gone put her to sleep before four, d*mn
the crowd goes wild
the ref might call it yeah
put her ass to sleep sleep sleep
i set out in round one but she took it to round two
got energy for round three
might need to take a break soon (take a break soon)
somebody call pay per viеw
this one h*ll of a match
i hope wе gone end it soon
’cause after i’m gone need a nap