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lirik lagu leather head – odd future wolf gang kill them all


leather head

[tyler, the creator]
wolf f-ckin haley
i’m not f-ckin crazy, f-ckin crazy
wolf gang, wolf gang
okay, it’s my turn to rap (do that!)

f-ckin modern day ian curtis i oughta been
the motherf-ckin (bull)s was hotter than a dennis (rod-a-man)
all the men and girls was tied up inside a cottage and
raquel, riley, brandon, alexis f-ckin milan and them
house’s egg yolkin, muh’f-ckin ain’t jokin
throats chokin hulkin that muh’f-ckers like i’m hulk hogan
halloween at neverland ranch? i’m macaulay culkin
f-ckin superbad swag when i murder seth rogen
i’m sick, this asthma, takin six robitussin
i’m f-ckin this game up; no trojans for the s-m-n
on the boat you better vote and f-ckin pray
even though the pope is bogus
even though i’m hyped the dopest, 2dope don’t wanna post us
copy all we are off how we all are rockin
and they kosher but don’t trip my pockets got a loaf of that
i’ll show you how you’re ‘sposed to rap
yeah, for the blonde b-tches
they say they enjoy the vision
i’m the man now the boys missin from the decision
my television is eclectic
how can he move on waka flocka back to joy division?
yeah, i said that i received info now the surgeon’s missing
probably cause i dressed up as a nurse
went it to his office, gave him his cup of coffee
aw, now he is feelin nauseous? buzzin me to walk in
takin all the doctor calls, ask her to prescribe
a bunch of sh-t that he can munch and such
he asked what was in the coffee, i just coughed a blush
what’chu say? (hey! wait, you’rer not! what the f-ck!!)
hit him with the uppercut then cut him up
with the roughest tools, and i found out the wolves had
aten some sections of ugly sl-ts
f-ck! now i got blood on my new f-ckin sneakers and stuff
f-ck it, storage room where this doctor’s gettin his body stuffed
by this f-ckin awesome thrashin african that’s marvelous
with green supreme hats, smoker’s head, it was a pot of luck
i love taylor swift, date rape sirloin
in a wife beater with a chris brown iron on
b-tch, i’m tighter than a stogie and a lighter
the cuts that’s on taylor or the braces when i bite her
after that i will retain her from leavin gaps and gashes
when i brush her with the rubber bands leavin gummy rashes
laughin gas, p-ss her out, fool beat this
cause i’ll do to her what my father didn’t really give
and that’s not hard to figure out but just in case it is
i’ll make it really hard to get it out, if you catch my drift
(wolf, gang, f-ck!!!!!!!!!!)