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lirik lagu snow white – odd future wolf gang kill them all


snow white
(performed by hodgy beats & frank ocean)

[verse 1: hodgy beats]
gold chain and some j’s like nas in illmatic
i’m so real, i’m something to feel, peel fabric
my folks kill, they hunt every meal, meat cabbage
lyrically get out my way, protein the beats radish

roll the weed lb the police smell me
high profile, sweet, bring them hoes to the tele nah
b-tches f-ck your sh-t up worse from dmx in belly behind you back
planning your downfall, i thought that was your relly-

relative, skin of ribs and eat healthy
i belch a b-tch and leave her t-ts on a shelving
i felt a b-tch, she let me in, welcoming
f-ck duct tape n-gg-, i like velcro-ing

i ain’t the one to be tampered with
i make you sh-t all in your pants and your pamper, b-tch
n-gg-s quick to sing a hook and make a dance up quick
for you it’s never or never, ny camp’s legit

wolf gang! f-ck your crew, n-gg-! this wolf gang, n-gg-!
go the f-ck home, m-th-rf-cker! night night, mother f-cker!
smoke up, left brain!

[hook: frank ocean]
snow so white, moon so bright
they’re on a playground making canines fight
ain’t no place for my kids to go

[verse 2:]
the wolves are rowdy and in the parking lot
i don’t mean basketball when i say that they be balling in the park a lot
it’s like the big bad wolf duplicated
if they getting sh-tted on by critics, it’s cool, they super rated

life on the huge and playlist, daily’s the f-cking basis
accounting for all the hatred, get off the children’s sacred
i’m international, actual but in fact i go from
the us to the uk to amsterdam in like two days