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lirik lagu outro flow – oddisee


[verse 1: toine]

look, how the f-ck did i get here?
i ain’t talking being alive
i mean working for the machine
with the dream in my eye
no contact, if you wack
you don’t need a reply
this n-gga o told me early there’s a seat in the ride
to success ‘bruh
you blessed
what you need i provide
so if i wasn’t shot-gunning
it was me and my pride
got me feeling the same way i felt when my grandmomma died
i’m getting old, time bleeding out
this ain’t what i dream about
up beating the sun, on that first bus leaving out
the city just ain’t for me no more
trust when i’m breathing out, the smoke
when i be on stage, they be like, ‘toine go!’
but back home, i’m still a john doe from upper marlboro
nah yo
f-ck that
if i ain’t got the condo
living bomb jo, f-ck your top 5 convo
i’m gone so
p-ssed like, rajon rondo
gotta keep it real like los blancos
i rep for my mom, jo
plus who got my back too
and ‘ion mean for whatever rap do
its just a capsule, i’m actual

[verse 2: oddisee]

most of my fans think that i’m underrated
i put myself within the box amongst the ones who made it
amongst the greatest and the latest at the same time
i’m k!lling stages with your favorites and evading shine
and me i’m fine with the position that i’m in
but my listeners think i should be positioned in the tens
top fives, number ones, all the awards
and all the sh-t that comes with it, that i tend to ignore
this is cl-ssic over fashion, lasting over p-ssing
p-ssion over n-ggas who just do sh-t for reactions
i may not ever be on bet at a show
but i done seen the f-cking globe so f-ck accepting some gold
f-ck your vip parties i’d rather chill on the sofa
smoke some shisha, my feet up, my lady bout to come over
no chips upon my shoulder, i’m just speaking how i feel
my n-gga i’m good for real
i got a house, and a fridge full of meals, a lot of time to k!ll
and my n-gga i’m good for real

[verse 3: trek life]

to the listeners i gave y’all the best of me
and when that wasn’t enough, i gave the rest of me
i thought that talent and hard work would be the recipe
but that cake never did bake up successfully
and trust me
i was in the kitchen constant
new styles we rocked ’em
shows we had ’em popping
penning new concoctions
i guess i probably should have been a doctor or a lawyer
[?] could properly destroy ya’
in the lab straight toiling
while my album get ignored my blood boiling
why the f-ck y’all keep p-ssing up me in line?
but im out
i’m ‘finna shine from the side line
i’mma let toine serve you up
sean wise hurtin ’em
stick figure and hard work set to murder ya’
i put in all this grind and they say ‘we never heard of ya’
d-mn that had me trippin’
but maybe the real mission
was to set the stage so the next generation can glisten
so i’m cool man
i mean, i guess i’m cool man