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lirik lagu in endless endeavour – oddland


here lie only the lonely
weathered pain down on me
and i keep protecting the only
remaining piece, forgotten foul
soul of the one and the only
kept safe, guarded so boldly
slain, scorn
away from the watching eye

here rest the weary the wicked
once beheld, now given away
for all those restlessly breathing
once been told, this story lives
and i keep forgetting the only
thing i once thought was solely
for those eyes in the mirror
not dead, in endless endeavour

never before have i been seen like this
never so torn, never without bliss
i have now seen the weight of my being
my aim was never to fall, to rise again
but i have now seen the weight of my being
my stain

was never to fall and be pulled up again
to let myself feel the weakness i pretend
i have now felt the corner not seen; my aim