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lirik lagu glorified lamb – o’hene savant


wha wha wha wha 1*2*1*2
they say kris died on the cross
i mean christ died on the cross
wait let me get my point across
(listen carefull to my words)

hold up…i’m just warmin’ up
we praise rakim allah headin to hiphop seminars mos def, kweli and that sinner nas; who strays time to time from the underground*increasing his fan base using another sound// rubbing down our mpc 60s
it’s history, sword of hip hop artis*try;
weapon of martyr james yancy who died for obscurity
now the majority love what they can’t see
j dilla, master of loop it’s ironic would join the masacre of lupus*….
moment of silence for our fallen prophet…
(may your soul rest in peace)

in the name of kool herc struggling to get benefits; from broke community who does it benefit, little brother, doing them little numbers, 3000 units, or a little under wait
i wonder…

(you don’t appreciate true hip hop, you are liars)
they won’t appreciate it my brother phonte deviated that would be blasphemy gradually he’d be hated
why is premo f*cking round with pop tracks?
when is he gon bring us some real hip hop back, when is pete gon reminisce? i liked that
but when are we gon learn that 95 passed?…
it’s so ridiculous, your so religious you soulz of mischief(so relentless) when will you feel us
you will never be innovators by mimicking dilla//

(i am 18*18)

dilla would be mad that you k!lled the
originality that he built up; it’s called no bitin’
hip hop rule i don’t know, unwritten rule’ll get you booed at apollo
you come a style folks apprecited they never copy that, it’s called being creative, copy that?
you do not take hip hop forward my man;
what you doin i can’t
you a glorified lamb;
you just a glorified lamb, get it? just a glorified lamb…