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lirik lagu stealingmystyle – ​ohsmithhh


[intro: bbysizzun]

[chorus: ohsmithhh]
tell me why?, tell me why these p*ssies jack my style
boy i got that money, i could put that sh*t in piles
i could talk to yo b*tch, she gon’ make my stay a while
me and her so wild, yeah we gettin’ high

[verse 1: ohsmithhh]
dior store, im too f*cked up i had to guess my size
man its dark as f*ck out, i pull up surprise
yeah stop lookin’ at my diamonds, its too bright, it hurt yo eyes
i could put another 50 up, lil’ p*ssy get yo guys
i could roll another 3.5, lil’ b*tch im gettin’ high
i be walkin’ out the f*ckin’ store, they say i look to fly
p*ssy lookin’ at yo wallet, i could tell that shi too dry
but yo b*tch, i got her wet
put them diamonds on her neck
one day, i could gеt patek
one day, i could get yo еx
they like, “ohsmithhh why you flex?”
cuz i get that sh*t p*ssy
take her home, i flip her over, and im on that b*tch
she hear from ohsmithhh and she do that sh*t
b*tch, i just been posted with that money up at fifth
im still gonna spend that sh*t, so yeah it dont mean sh*t
made some money off of flips easy, im gon’ be rich
catch me posted at the top floor f*ckin’ on yo b*tch
[verse 2: maddøxxx]
she told me she love me, i ain’t call her back
said that we forever, dont want none of that
i take a lil’ 50, ran it to the max (yeah)
you’s a lil’ p*ssy, you just need a pad (yeah)
you dont even swerve, forget all that you heard
left you for something i did, i know thats gotta hurt
im so high just like a bird, you can get this work
and if you ain’t like 2 minutes, then i know thats gotta hurt
ohsmithhh he rock with the beat, ima go
i put my d*ck in the back of her throat
they lost some things that you ain’t even know
they still wondering why, [?]
i put that b*tch in the back of the room
[?], for my dude (yeah)

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