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lirik lagu bootlegger’s boy – old crow medicine show


bootlegger’s boy

i was born and raised
a bootlegger’s boy
in the cherokee hills
i plied my trade
in mountain city
i had me a time
just a-makin’ money
on the corn moonshine

well i hauled my load
into knoxville town
i met me a girl
and we knocked around
well them knoxville girls
couldn’t leave me alone
with my suit so fine
and my bottle of corn

i’m goin’ back to mountain city
so i can make another run
load my trunk with my moonshine whisky
i am a brave bootlegger’s son

well i sold that corn
to the circuit judge
on the public square
to many a tramp
well i met with trouble
on the tracks one night
with a drunken man
i commenced to fight

we fought five rounds
then i put him away
with a wicked jab
from a razor blade
how the women screamed
and the bottles broke
on the stony ground
where the blood did flow

i’m goin’ back to mountain city
the deed i done they’ll never know
i killed a man in a fuel of whisky
i am a rude bootlegger’s boy

now i hang my head
just to hide my shame
lost all my money
can’t find a friend
i’m gonna drag my bones
to the mountainside
if the corn don’t kill me
i might never die

i’m goin’ back to mountain city
or else they’ll hang me this i know
i killed a man in a feud of whisky,
i am a cruel bootlegger’s boy.

i’m goin’ back to mountain city
in the cherokee hills i started from
goin’ home broke, ain’t it a pity
lord curse this rude bootlegger’s son