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lirik lagu 100k – oliver francis


although my heart may be weak
it’s not alone
it’s grown with each new experience
and its found a home with all the friends i’ve made
i’ve become part of their heart just as they’ve become part of mine
and if they think of me now and then
if they don’t forget me
then our hearts will be one
i don’t need a weapon
my friends are my power

polo sport on my shorts
credit with the tennis courts
spark the blunt and drop the top
cdg with polkadots
in that vintage tommy coat
hit the weed and imma float
gucci denim jacket
take the swisher then i crack it
97 tommy hill
counting 100 dollar bills
ladies in the swimming pool
keep that sh-t for real
imma keep that sh-t a buck
homie why you actin tough
did a 100k subs
hit the check and run it up
b-tch i’m on some grown sh-t
produce my own sh-t
i don’t do no f-cking features
did this on my own b-tch
oh sh-t
they say, oliver, we want that old sh-t
b-tch i’m going hard as ever
what the f-ck you want b-tch
smoking plenty dope
now i rock designer clothes
man i used to be a janitor
and now i got some hoes
b-tch i’m balling like a pro
b-tch you know then now you know
i walked straight up to my manager
and said i gots to go
ahhj told me its a go
man i did this for the glow
i’m prolific with this sh-t
these other rappers moving slow
dope in the shoulder bag
need a b-tch to throw it back
blowing gas
foot up in the clutch
you see me blowing past
that beat is fire
the flow is gas
they said to cut my emo bangs
and now they saying grow em back
i’m on my bullsh-t
so stay out my business
when they talking they sh-t
i swear i can’t hear it

couple bands on me
couple bands on me
shawty hurry up i left the benz running
couple bands on me
couple bands on me
smoking dope while i’m thumbing through the hundreds

the darkness may destroy my body
but it can’t touch my heart
my heart will stay with my friends
it’ll never die