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lirik lagu 3 deep (duplicate) – oliver francis


3 depp in the 2 seat
johnny on the clutch
he is pirate and thats all it thinks i know
baby oh
give mine to it
ʻo wauʻo iapana
שיקן מיר אַנימע טידדיעס
o watashi como
dame tu cosita ah ah
dame tu cosit
gang gang splaaaash
blunts rolled up in the double cup
while im ghost riding the whip
sippin purple offs my keyboards
while im hittin up them egirls
tons of proxies like im snowden
smoking blunts installing the dimms
im a high pc builder boi dont f-ck with my biz
ગે – the universal language
im cloning johnnoer depp so i cans have 3 ofs him
shoutout to gang splah man gang shopper on mine going crazy