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lirik lagu mirror, mirror – olivia chaney


why are we
drawn to those
who suffer the same woes
and how do we
feel so
close to those who walk the same

path we take
path we know
like a fairytale

walk beside me
hand in hand
don’t be afraid
to tread this ground

feel how
it’s magnetised
in harmony, in shadow
if we embrace these two halves
become whole, the wrongs can right

if you walk the way
that way you know
like you’re in a fairytale
and walk beside me
hand in hand
don’t be afraid
to trеad the same ground

mirror, mirror
reflеcting past
heal the echo of our hearts
the sorrow
sorrow and hope

loss cannot
be quantified
as emptiness or void
but more like
a tapestry
worn through our life

so thread the light
thread the gold
thread the myth and transpose

singing the old
the old refrains
don’t be afraid to again and again
take a chance
to make believe
ensure the dream, the dream is
exactly where
you want to be

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