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lirik lagu lettin’ summer shine – olivia frances


poolside, beach bound, backyard, whatever ya like

sunscreen, flip flops, palm trees, whatever feels right

good times are waitin’, no more antic-p-ting

so, let’s turn the radio up and enjoy the ride

we’re lettin’ summer shine

leavin’ our worries behind, feelin’ oh so

fine, kickin’ back as the days unwind

under the sunny sky

we’re lettin’ summer shine

lettin’ summer shine

backroads, boat rides, take a hike, catch a breeze

surf’s up, potluck, cold beer, whatever ya please

wide open roads, takin’ us where we wanna go

driving with the windows down, singin’ to the melody


soak it up, breath it in

before we know it, it’ll be gone again