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lirik lagu 12 am in croyde 2 – olly jay [gb]


part two and all my dreams are coming true
we’re living past 22 like bruce
see what we’re beating black and blue
when i run from the demons i’m like 99 pays obama yan
when i aim for my goals i’m like blasan
you know at tm i’ve got santra and rap made a muller in central
when i get my first lambo it won’t be a rental
some haters will drive me mental, but f*ck em it’s your time to shine
never stop believing, never get off the grind
just know you’re grеat and keep that in mind
i did say part two would blow your mind
i never really likеd part one, don’t get me wrong but it’s my best song
even reached canada! that’s mad you know
12 am in croyde going international
f*ck corona cause i need my family right now
croyde’s where i want my first show

i think it’s only right i raise a part 3?
i guess we’ll see