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lirik lagu 01010011 01001001 01001110 00101110 – omenxiii


used to make food stretch so i don’t need to eat
used to f-cking struggle just to meet rent’s meet
when you see a dead body, that’s life on the streets
where the strong will survive and you die if you weak
two f-ckin’ bottles in my hands, never had that
smoking on a motherf-cking ounce, never had that
real sh-t, never had a b-tch ’til i rapped facts
spinning on the track, you a b-tch, better bounce back
f-ck an -ssumption, you don’t know me
look like halloween, but ain’t sh-t sweet
no tricks, no treats
yo b-tch on me
i could finesse, but i got weed to roll instead, yes
i got blunts and hennessy
shawty give sloppy head to me
bodies droppin’ regularly
can’t stop gettin’ to the check, my g
can’t stop, even just to flex, my g
that sounds crazy in the head, my g
i don’t need to rest ’til i’m dead, my g
omenxiii, black shirt, black jeans
if you know me, gotta keep it low-key
sleep through the day, in the night when i creep
i don’t chase the money ’cause the money come to me
life ain’t free, people gotta pay fees
pull up in yo city, got an ounce for the free
everybody know that i’m hot, on me
i’m the wifi plug, hot-spots on me
if you drive by, don’t miss a shot on me
omenxiii, got the blade on me
2017, but the music still free
i don’t f-ck with labels but the labels want me
riding down melrose any day of the week
tell me what it means when every day just be a weekend
tell me what you want, what you need, can’t talk long
’cause i’m on the flight headed to the next time-zone
tidal wave coming through fast like the bible
psycho, running through these checks like a track meet
athlete, pushing on this weight like a madman
d-mn, man, hit my f-cking line, “what’s the plan, bro?”
rambo, creepin’ through the gr-ss like these snakes do
fake moves, breakin’ rappers ankles like i’m hot sauce
bob ross, speakin’ and i’m paintin’ the picture
scriptures, every single song i’ve ever written
fit in, something that i never really did, b-tch
something that i never really did, b-tch
fit in, something that i never really did, b-tch
something that i never really — yeah