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lirik lagu 01010101 01010010 01001100 00111111 – omenxiii


your rival’s desire, reach higher and fight it
fighting the giants, like david, goliath
the trials, the tribulations, never finding silence
finding my diamonds in hatred and kindness
find reason in life, find balance and hide it
find meaning in strife, fight p-ssion with violence
the siren, the dancer, the cancer, the virus
xiii, the reaper, the demon, your highness
we are he saviors forsaken and hated
behold the horrors of what we’ve created
below the surface, submerse me in hatred
feelings of vengeance, repentance is fading
the zombie, the phoenix, the jesus, revival
the angel’s, the heathen’s, the demon’s denial
these cycles will take you, they make you, or break you
the mantra, the anthem, the sacred recital