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lirik lagu amazin’ (3 boyz from newark street mix) – omniscence


uhh, motherf-ckers, sh-t is stuff
bout to set this sh-t off
the remix
amazing, nine-five

yo, i’m living life tremendous, stupendous, horrendous
got no time to sweat other n-gg-z agendas
get in that -ss like diapers run with snipers
my style is back and forth like windshield wipers
nah papi, iam super gay all day
cause your mentality’s sloppy
i ain’t leavin my man
i’m king cuz i like your daddy, vandals murderin n-gg-z for breathin
big ups to stretch and bobbito
got steelo, my n-gg-z incognito
i ain’t puttin down the glock until they free tupac
constipation put the n-gg-z on lock
i be the bomb and then some, you lose and win some
reggie bureil -ss-ssinate the drum
blazin l’s until my rails f-ckin shrivel like a raisin
i’m so f-ckin amazin

(hey yo o, make them n-gg-z kiss

in nineteen eighty nine i was sixteen
in pursuit of the cream, my favorite jam was the microphone fiend
i was young, but like steroids i got my weight up
late nights a n-gg- stayed up
writin, perfectin the perfect technique
i used to listen to texas pete every week
i sacrificed a lot of sh-t for this hip-hop
in ninety-five yo my sh-t is bout to drop
i live for the streets, i swear i never change over
but yo, i still gotta get this range rover
comin back on that -ss like reincarnation
murderin n-gg-z like alien nation (so what you sayin?)
yo, i’m sayin!

(hey yo, hit me with that third verse)

now the third verse is twice as ill, as the first
two portions, baby abortions, no distortions
i stress n-gg-z out like poverty
commit strong arm robbery, your girlfriend’s slobbin me
attention n-gg-z this is a threat and a promise
i put that -ss on ice like debbie thomas
you get cut off short and abrupt for livin corrupt
i know 3 boyz, that’ll f-ck you up!
so like kurtis i’m bout to blow
the backwards flow c’mon n-gg-z you gotta know
i’m the e-the-c-the-n-the-e
the-c-the-s-the-i-the-n-the-m-to the f-ckin-o!