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lirik lagu 43 “god” – oncue


[verse 1]
you should go ahead
thank my mommy and my daddy
for not poppin’ in that rubber
goin’ raw, then they had me
when i say, that line back it, sound nasty
i don’t mean it that way
i’m sayin’, everything could change in a second
besides me, you should give ’em grammy’s too
plus sue, auntie ro & grammy too
maybe phil, but we ain’t spoke in years no
but i am, what they built tho
whether right or wrong
i always wrote my songs
to keep my nerves so calm
d-mn, always been that way
way, way back then, til now -sh-t ain’t change
better pay pay up now
what you think, i lost my brain?
quit rapping keep singing
quit singing keep rapping
either way i been snappin’
godd-mn, i knew, this would happen
kill me if you see me lackin’
i been chasin’ the vision, i wasn’t chasin no b-tches
that sh-t just hustle backwards
d-mn, i was vicious i’d let em all hit the mattress
i mean no coffee in kitchen
i’d go and send there -ss packin’
cause that love sh-t is for the weak
but jokes on me see, i fell in love last week
for the first time in years, i swear lifes so strange
but knowing me, it’ll prolly blow up in my face
i’ll prolly f-ck it up, before this songs out
i’m beggin’ you, don’t let me take the wrong route

these b-tterflies in my stomach
got me f-cking sick to my stomach
for too long, yeah, i been running
making millions out of these hundreds
thats all i ever wanted ay
lord knows, i’m broken ay
lord knows, i’m haunted, ay

d-mn, i need you now
i don’t wanna look down
can’t afford to be vulnernable
she f-cking geoff or she f-cking cue?
growing pains from this life i chose , yeah
staying the same is not possible
it’s just years up in the makin’
countless bullsh-t i been taken
while you faking sh-t

[verse 2]
watch, what i do next
f-ck you, for taking me stupid
don’t get twisted, no rubix
i never left, i was re-grouping
you about to go get the suplex
up in your sh-t like i’mputin
don’t take my kindness for weakness
i swear, god, told me, to speak this
so stop frontin’ like you knew this
this is the fork in the road
your either op or your with me
i didn’t punch in no code, it’s ate alive by the city
chewed up and spit me out whole
like a roach no u can’t kill me
on april’s 3rd day i rose
from peggy, d-mn you must feel me

yeah, d-mn you must feel me
yeah, i feel better now
so better now