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lirik lagu game – only the family


know i’m in this motherf-cker with all members in this b-tch
you know?
we on our otf sh-t, ya heard?
h-lluva made this beat, baby
king von, know what i’m sayin’?
got sada on this motherf-cker
booka, man
know what i’m sayin’?

[verse 1: lil durk]
i counted bl–dy money with my loubs on (loubs on)
i came a long way from a futon (futon)
my uncle caught a body, got an elbow (elbow)
i’m only listenin’ to the gang inside my headphones (yeah)
and i took you back when you was dead wrong
i lost my cousin to cold blood, i keep my head strong (head strong)
you can’t trade the gang, we know that you told
graduations to funerals
ecstasy opened my pupils
bustdown patek, got three rolls
you ever seen four k!llas in a two-door?
durk ridin’ with his people
i’m the heart of my city and i ride with tee grizzley, in my dm talkin’ to nicki
a hundred bands, you make the news
’cause you know i cannot lose
’cause i know they tryna get me

[verse 2: sada baby]
sing to your b-tch, still’ll murk a n-gg-
yeah i sing, still’ll hurt you, just like durk and them
drop your top like ice cube in his first film
i was stompin’ n-gg-s out in my first timbs
got your girl with me, trappin’ ’til the boy gone
she gon’ suck d-ck and chew kids ’til her voice gone
four-five give him body shots like roy jones
foreign whip with the tinted windows, pull a drum out it
pull up to your baby mama’s house, knock your son out it
when the opps don’t shoot back, it take the fun out it
them n-gg-s gon’ miss, i don’t miss, i knock blood out you
booka say you can’t touch me or it’s hammer time
i can’t get caught with no straps or it’s slammer time
quadruple cup of good syrup like aunt jemim’
load up my chopsticks, i’ma take my time
i’ma k!ll a n-gg- if i want to, it ain’t no crime, huh

[verse 3: tee grizzley & ynw melly]
told that lil’ b-tch, “don’t suck me up if you ain’t catchin’ it'” (don’t)
took a whole hour just to count up all the jeffersons
everybody rich and shoot that b-tch but we ain’t steph and them
he text his wife like, “i’m f-ckin’ you up if you just left with him”
k!llers on retainers like defense attorneys
they gon’ slide with them cutters, you won’t live through the surgery
pop a bean, do a bad b-tch dirty (b-tch, shut up)
she like, “boy, you almost murked me, you can’t f-ck me off them perkies”
get that work out just like burpees, play with me, savages lurking
i don’t play b-tch, i be working, you can’t ride the wave, no surfing
in the hood p-ssin’ out turkeys
don’t waste your time sendin’ threats, we not worried (we ain’t worried)

[verse 4: ynw melly]
let your mama wear your shirt, f-ck n-gg-
let your daddy wear your shirt, f-ck n-gg-
i got some n-gg-s who all really steppin’ with us
you n-gg-s really wasn’t creepin’ in them bushes
i’ma f-ck her first, then durk gon’ f-ck her second
grizzley gettin’ last ’cause we too f-ckin’ reckless
and i got a bad ho and she keep on textin’
me that she want me, her n-gg- tryna test me
diamonds on my neck and they shinin’
where the f-ck was you when i was grindin’?
wait, b-tch, i’m still grindin’
he got the bustdown, perfect timin’
i got the lil’ freaky ho whinin’
g shine, i shine and you shinin’
see you wanna f-ck me ’cause we poppin’
i’ma up the b-tch and bust, no options
oh lord, i got b-tches, i got options
pop a xan, hit a n-gg-, bust his noggin, no cap