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lirik lagu deep end – original cast of hope despair musical


everyone says to be optimistic
lovable girls aren’t supposed to frown
hina you gotta stay optimistic
take a deep breath, girl
or else you’ll start to drown

and then the room begins to fold
and then the words they start to leave
and suddenly, everything’s heavy and weak and oh
i’m having trouble with my strokes
i’m starting to sink
why can’t they see?
but n0body’s worried ‘bout me

the deep end
wading through waters that i hardly know
where all of my worries and wounds start to deepen
hopelessly they wait to cling to the side
yet caught benеath a never ending tidе

n0body wonders if we can’t do this
ultimates don’t have to hear that stuff
n0body stopped to make sure i’m breathing
how could i possibly feel i’m not enough?
am i ungratefull if i’m sad?
am i a phoney if i cry?
and maybe it’s being overdramatic but hey
if i admit i’m not okay
if i give in and i break down
that’s when i start to drown

off the deep end
fearing the point of there’s no coming back
where the self loathing start to seep in
you’re so far out all you see is the blue
and the broken girl that’s staring back at you

you try to swim a lap
you try to swim a mile
you bottle it all up
you always have to smile
when the day arrives
when you are not prepared
beliving you may die
keep acting like it’s fine
keep thinking we’ll get out
way beyond the tunnel
to brush aside the doubt
everyone says to be optimistic
everyone says to be optimistic

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