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lirik lagu nightshade – orra


my heads a haunted house the rooms are filled with parasites
im a walking piece of sh*t my hearts a grave site
bl**dy drip comes at a cost know its do or die
i slaughter heaven just so i could find my paradise
ignore the caution the sadness k!lling the smiles inside
we still recording im cursing the world with vacant eyes
i hated alot of things and some im still attending to
different shades of pain i can see them like an oracle
triple threat matches when then string of fate is spinning quick
times i wanna die, noones here to have a listen in
vagabond soul til i cross over my h*lls gates
my heads a f*cking black hole thoughts are made to lay to waste

f*ck about dead or alive no im not so shady
im a motherf*cking c*nt feeling like im hades
hate me now but i would dry my eyes but i decline
i love the night silence

my midnight vibrance
i lay to rest in her arms
as she dances round my dreams and then i never wanna wake up

im not sure i fully understand it
living in the void has taught me more about myself
i dont want n0body saving me from myself
imma die today
(i don’t want n0body saving me darkness always seeps in
i don’t trust a body f*cking wolves inside of sheepskin)
time and time again i seem to want to end a lifeline
i dont give a f*ck if its yours or better yet mine
tell you that im joking but a part of me had meant it
thought waves always scheming feeling less than esoteric
i can’t feel my soul i know i stained it black and you can’t fill that hole
i can’t feel my soul i know i stained it black and you can’t fill that hole