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lirik lagu ’93 – oscify & raze brooks


finally, i can see like its 1993
just a young kid playing hide and seek
riding bmx already emceeing
thinking about those times like visiting a museum
what is time anyway many days
spent em in a haze getting blazed and tipping trays
spit a phrase sing a praise to mother natsh
helpfulness heritage and honor its another h
never found my place til i put my anger to the page
took a while longer to learn how to lose my rage
want to know what happens next so they turn the page
same old stuff different play different stage
trying to see her outline even though the towel was on
strategy is how its done
what is a king with no queen, bishop, knight, rook
and without a p-wn

this is how we chill specialties on the grill
you know how they say every song is about a girl
and i still love her but i must keep trekking
since prep-b-scence trying to do a deep inflection
did i think i’d be a rapper today? forget it
i can’t pretend to know which direction this is headed
not much can be accomplished through worrying and fretfulness
so i focus down so i can get this needle threaded
so aware i don’t compare to the golden era
inspire folks from the midlands area to america
you can never reach the stars if you don’t dare to
twirling fingers in her hair, through nerd gl-sses she stared up
all she wrote, one look and she got the vote
warm it right up, take off the coat
the mission might not float if you don’t get on the boat
and i’m a stay on my road til i’m old

til i’m 93

looking back before i was cooking tracks
i gotta be glad, took the good with the bad
that’s the breaks but i learned from my mistakes
broke the mold my earth was a different type of clay
baseball in a vacant lot
nowadays that old field is replaced by an expensive box
what would it be like to go back in time and pick the locks
tell em to kick rocks go listen to hip hop
and even though its a test we must live with no regrets
the sun sank behind the hills as the shadows slowly crept
somehow when you hear it you just know its fresh
and i and that bull isn’t gonna mesh
feeling kinda sore so i climbed ash0r-
seen a lot come and go
say they don’t want to rhyme no more
but i guess you shouldn’t do it
if you feel that it’s like a ch0r-
i don’t know i guess we’ll see what’s in store for 94