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conceieved through ignorance - osiah lyrics


[verse 1]
alone i crawl into the wasteland, into the plague
there is blood on my hands, it’s not my own
it’s the ground’s, it’s the ground’s
dead flesh, the new soil
there is a shadow now above us, monolithic monster
it’s constructed by, the rotting cadavers

[verse 2]
emergent from the ground
scout terrain, nothing looks the same
everything’s just meat, rotten meat, living souls i seek
terrains of pain, symbiotic cadavers
nutrient soil, nutrient souls
eyes to the skies, watch it inhale the clouds

[verse 3]
conclusion of man by their own hand
symbiotic cancer of flesh and land
all thе living things are rotting as one
cumulating into the plaguе beast
watching in terror as terra finally shows its t**th

i hate this place, why did i return here?
back into the ground
i hate this place
back into the ground

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