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lirik lagu summertime montage – owen davis


well, i want to feel alive
and she’s warm as the morning sun and shines bright as i could ever hope

life, summer life in the calm of her gaze, her ways
love, love her more than your glory, your fame
don’t change

[verse 1]
and she, she’s driving over right now, we’re going out
we’re going out, we don’t know where
breeze blowing her hair into me
if i cared i’d take the back seat
but she’s all i ever want to see
beside her’s all i ever want to be

life, summer life in the calm of her gaze, her ways
love, love her more than your glory, your fame
don’t change

[verse 2]
and i dream of you in the cool of the night
and i rest well
and i only care for the next time i see you, the next time i feel you
the morning sun wakes me for a new day with you
thank god i’m alive to be with you
in our beautiful summer

[part ii]

and summertime won’t last forever but it’s good while it’s here
just keep your head on my shoulder until it’s time to go
stay till your father calls and needs you home
love, baby, it’s my own love
never feeling nothing, never numb in summertime
loving you, i’m free to live and breathe some
when i’m on my own, i want to wake up and feel you close

and waking up beside you, i feel alive

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