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lirik lagu butterfly wings – owl city


“b-tterfly wings”

if i was a raindrop
would you be my thunderstorm?
it’s cold so surround me
with rain clouds to keep me warm
i feel like i’m falling
so darling don’t let me go
the thought is appalling but should i slip away
into the stormy sea will you remember me?

asleep in a warm coc–n
we dream of lovely things
we’re both gonna wake up soon
so we hope that tomorrow brings
us our b-tterfly wings

if i was a grain of sand
would you be miami beach
so dusty with starlight
close your eyes and cuddle close to me
i’ll try not to wake you
or make a sound while you’re dozing off
but in the night should the high tides sweep me away from you
tell me again my dear will you be waiting here?

whenever we leave the ground
and take to the sky
i’ll smile as i’m gazing down
cause i’ve always wonder why we won’t need feathers to fly

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