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lirik lagu 3ø1 freestyle – oxyhead


[verse 1: oxyhead]
the sweet escape of the tunes
escape from the goons
jus’ me and my platoon
leavin’ earth and we headed p-ss the moon
any petty poet could get swept like a broom
but the homies steady coolin’ off the shrooms
so we posted at the block
known as the playas on the spot
with the gang signs and the slang when we talk
stickin’ to the code
tryna collect pesos
crew down to get down soon as i say so
i’m the fashion k!lla
keep it trilla
gettin’ to the skrilla
and i won’t stop till i’m castro in a villa
my youngins wear bape like gorillas
countin’ up figures
i’m your favorite rappas father figure
always keep it g and that’s word to j dilla
neva pumped the steel
but i feel the police steady on my heels

[hook: oxyhead]
this goes out to you x4

[verse 2: oxyhead]
steady thuggin’ in my field
workin’ for a chain and a grill
the big playas runnin’ with the game and a drill
show respect learn the names and the drills
get a check learn the trade and the sk!lls
always bring waves like a youngin know poseidon
and now i carry the tridant
the 3ø1 t-tian
with the same touch as midas
presided by the flyest
i’m the young al capone
known to rip the microphone off the dome
ain’t n0body workin’ hard as me
swear the flow be ubiquitous
y’all should know that i’m quick with it
quick to spit somethin’ ignorant
know them snakes out here slitherin’
quit your whinin’ and bickerin’
swear that i’m done considerin’
y’all forget inconsiderate
all you jokas illiterate
see my posture belligerent
been the same with deliverance
ain’t no mercy for innocence
nowadays that’s the signalin’
all my brothas are militant
you get smoked like a cigarette

[hook: oxyhead]
this goes out to you x2
we out x2