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lirik lagu 0 to 300k ( 300 600 and otf diss) – p. rico


(intro) lost jojo and aiki to some b-tch n-ggas… lets get it rico free the guys man you know how we rockin

(verse) lost jojo and aiki to some b-tch n-ggas when i catch you you going to swim with the fish n-gga put the gun in yo mouth so you can snitch n-gga when it comes to that money my fingers itch n-gga not promoting no violence my n-ggas still get you you in front of the county my n-ggas still get you and my n-ggas with the sh-ts we all carry pistols we dont need no referee cause we all official ??? im finna odee first name j last name money ??? blood on my money shout out to 051 them boys be on dummy shout my shooter my shooters will shoot you no fufu no lulu riding round our city and we got them new news catch a opp lackin we blow out his noodle make him do the nae nae guns loud like hoo ray ??? ??? lil rob dead man you block so dry sandman bullets fit your head headband walkin around with these bands gingerbread man uh oh going broke thats a nono throwing money going loco

(outro) aight free my guys man f-ck the opps man die lz man you know how we rockin man jojo world man stand the f-ck up we in the building man we ain’t f-cking with no f-ck n-ggas man we getting our own bread man independent way man you already know how we rockin man squad sh-t man squuuad squuuad everybody wanna be squad now man what the f-ck is going on man… r.i.p to the beat (skidit)