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lirik lagu 1:00am – p4ker


ya okay
??? pedal’n this sh*t that i know that i can not handle
you ask how i’m feeling
i’m feeling dismantled
she asked what was wrong
i went and told her that it’s handle
hiding for so long that my emotions have been canceled
i’m reaping what i sow
i swear i’m just a f*cking idiot
pity anyone who even cares to give a sh*t
if that’s how i live my life when i go through a crucial period
don’t know if i’ll make it cause this sh*t is getting too serious
i know you look up to me
you can see my eyes though
i can barely see myself so i just keep my eyes closed
i’m loving my life when i be running from the 5.o
poppin’ all those pills till i’m in a different time zone
she said that she want me so she text me on my iphone
ask me what i’m smoking, i’m smoking on the rhinestones
there’s no ??? that someone’s gonna die today
somebody else just like i swear is gon’ be mine

i swear is gonna be mine
why can’t i stop the cry’n
everybody always lie
what do you want from me im dry (x4)