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lirik lagu i don’t like foreplay – painkiller party


awkwardness aside and the noises ignored
i‘m hiding a yawn, i‘m so terribly bored
please don‘t squish your face into my v*lv*
your nose squeezes my cl*t and you just pull her
no, a stiff tongue can‘t replace a p*n*s
no, i don‘t feel anything appealing there, g*nius

i don‘t like foreplay
sorry for your dismay

why do you push fingers in there
you have a p*n*s, so please, please spare
me from your fingers and your tongue
all i‘m longing for is to heavily be stung

i’m already wet by nature
i don’t need your saliva down there

now you’re mentioning love, passion and trust
bye bye, there goes my l*st
romantic feelings make me want to run away
girls liking that sh*t is a god d*mn cliché
i don’t want a sensational event
i just want to get bent
without sweet words or soft touching hands
without sweaty skin, just someone who bangs
and not necessarily kisses
i am more superficious
so yeah, i want a quick f*ck, no foreplay
and please no cuddling afterwards, okay?



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