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lirik lagu tuesday – paper aeroplanes


on a tuesday morning in july
i was bright and breezy, not willing to die
and my skin was renewed by a comfortable sleep
i was born again, light on my feet
then your sillhouette caught my eye

so hold your tongue, don’t look my way
cause i know we are not the same
so i am trying to refrain from that
the mischeif in your eyes
and everything that’s behind

on a tuesday evening, you replied
every word, every comma, i -n-lysed
and i knew there was nothing there between the lines
but a m-s-ch-st all hid and signed
but the maybe still plagued my mind

so don’t write back, don’t type my name
for i know we are not the same
and i am trying to refrain from that
and the nothings you give away
and the words that you’ll never say

don’t say my name, don’t move an inch
let the morning p-ss without a hitch
and i’ll just be trying not to notice til you’re gone
though i know it won’t be for long
maybe then i can just move on

on a wednesday morning in july