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lirik lagu kintsugi – pasta sauce


i want you to feel like i do
but you don’t see
the beauty i see in broken parts
put back together to form a brand new heart
a new start

take my
pieces of glass, shattered past on the ground
china in the cabinet
prettier sounding when it’s smashed
scratch up the hardwood floor that your mother loves
funny how it’s all you ever really wanted

you wanted
to hear what chaos feels like
to taste that bitter dark blue that’s been haunting you
pour it in your cup every morning

i need you to be my lean*to
so i can heal
this cracking sh*ll can be so god d*mn fragile
i still bear the shrapnel from the last ordeal

but some nights
broken shards catch the starlight and glow
shimmering scars turn to platinum and silver and gold
closing my eyes to the beauty of it all
funny how it’s all i ever really wanted
(i want it all)
mend me like a riptide
stitch from green to blue
sew open these wide eyes
waking with the dew

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