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lirik lagu down to ride – pastor troy


huh… yeah, (pt crisuer) a-town to sack town, (a – town to sack town like this here) ya’ll know (916 n-gg-) (yeeah) yeah
a yo man if you gon ride a n-gg-… make sho dat n-gg- down 2 ride 4 you, (ride 4 you n-gg-… pt cruiser) pastor… verse 1 (yeeah)

[verse 1:]
in da black ss, dat 96
with dat teflon vest, ready 2 hit
a n-gg- up 4 da work, i know he got it
n ain’t bout 2 be a whole lotta talk about it
smoke a fat blunt, just 2 get my mind right
put some bullets in my clip, so my nine tight
ready to ride, you thank i give a f-ck!
walk up in da studio n hit dey -ss up
1st n-gg- buck, 1st n-gg- gettin fired
da mothaf-ckin gun smoke get me high
come up bout to change it, don’t come up bout 2 roll it
yeah i’m da pastor, but i ain’t holy
molly, gun shots burst out da back
my mothaf-ckin homeboi had my back
back to dat in crime i take pride
(huh) n mine gon ride

n i’m a ride 4 my n-gg-z datz down to ride [x8]

[verse 2:]
my momma told me everybody ain’t ya friend boy
wind up by yourself in da pin boy
dem n-gg-z snitches dey tell it if dey know it
n i ain’t bout 2 let no weak n-gg- blow it
sow it, got 2 be a way 4 me
2 figure out who keep it real n see who really g
i got n-gg-z say dey down to ride
real n-gg-z know dey down to ride
so i dig in my pocket all my money is spent
(huh huh) who da f-ck gon represent
4 or 5 n-gg-z all dressed in black
wearin black leather gloves holdin gats n bats (yeeah)
strapped up lookin 4 somebody to hit
nothin gonna help me, but a nice lick
n i’m runnin outta time
my back against da wall, n i’m a ride 4 minez

n i’m a ride 4 my n-gg-z datz down to ride [x8]

[talkin respresentin]

n i’m a ride 4 my n-gg-z datz down to ride [x8]