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lirik lagu samantha the great – patent pending


and it’s been said
she dreamed in color
she lived her life in black and white
and it’s been said
she’s been here far too long to just surrender
she’s far too far from home to just turn around

and it’s been said
monday she left home for new york city
by friday she was found but torn apart
before she left a letter on the table
wrapped in ribbons she wore across her heart
she said the world could never know
that we’re better off this way
she said we’d never understand it all
her touch was the feel of magical
and her eyes were the color of beautiful
she said it’s better off this way
if you’re reading this you’re far too late

too many chances and too many chances please don’t wait
things will never be the same again it’s been said
and it’s been said
this house is haunted
cause you didn’t believe like i believe in you
and it’s been said
this could have been avoided
if we only loved the way we should