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lirik lagu 33 1/3 ft j-ro (tha alkaholiks) – patrick antonian


slow summer nights like we mixin the syrup, but it’s the blunt full of purp, it’s just me & my girl. a crate full of gems is our escape from the world press play getaway 33 1/3

kick back collecting waves with my sonar
my brain goin outta my head that wes crowbar it’s just slight depiction of a summery a small room full guitar vibe all live montgomery feels like i’m walkin thru sp-ce what’s to become of me, it’s an everyday thing, and life’s is defiantly my a luxury. fly mac daddy like al wilson, the underground funk bump in the trunk thelonious monk. chillin until the sunrise posted on wilcox not worries about the one time she wanna play me that one song from sublime, one of my favorites we faded line for line. gotta admit, your sun lit thots are benefits you speak em with a certain type of emphasis, what’s the genesis to the pattern of the music methodist, p-ss the bag swisher bliss, match the medicines