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lirik lagu beauty i see (remix) – paul blue


add my name to my favourite colour, that’s paul blue
translate, espanol, es pablo azul
i’m so wavy and can’t a thing phase me
i move like mercedes
my style cool as the 80s
this the remix, had to sample myself
say something crazy and i cancel myself
i’m extra, i’m boujie
i’m steady recruiting these bands for myself
so i can make up for the hand i was dealt
your beauty i see, your beauty i fiend
the coochie i eat, you’re truly a peach
the booty i beat
tap tap like i’m moving my feet
slap that way you groove to my beats
before music it was truth i would seek
found myself and now it’s truth i unleash
with every tune i release
voice raspy, flow smooth as can be
blue is unique
slow it down to the crucialist speed
dinero in my pocket
they thought i was stopping
but i’m only starting, got so many f-ckin’ options
wreck it like it’s rawkus
tell it like a prophet
sell it but you choose to buy inferior products
“good music, bad b-tches” the motto
i repeat it ’til i’m no longer breathing
fame is so deceiving, you seek it
thinking you’ll transform to jesus
and never feel weak
but i know that’s a lie
some of my favourites never seen 29
listen to amy and jimmy
2pac and biggie
aliyah the greatest
one in a million
the warmth from the sun, such a wonderful feeling
i need spiritual healing
god willing

runnin’ on e and i still can’t sleep
not enough time for the things i need
came a long way, still i’m incomplete
how can i fly, how can i be free?
wanna get down with the girl i love
first we get high, then the pipe goes deep
know in my mind just what i could be
close my eyes and your beauty i see
your beauty i see yeah your beauty i see
when i close my eyes, your beauty i see
look so fine and you taste so sweet
on my mind and i might od
ride around town with the girl i love
on cloud nine, i don’t wanna wake up
know in my mind just what i could be
close my eyes and your beauty i see

your beauty i see
your beauty i see
la la, la la, la la