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lirik lagu 4 love – paul colman


i don’t know where you draw the line
’cause i’m just a person trying to pick up all the pieces
and they never asked me where i want to be born
and they never told me that love would be so hard

well i grew up staring at the face of jesus
and i always wondered how they took his photograph
i remember staring through a stained gl-ss window
funny how it made the world look different on the other side

and i wish that i could walk ahead and never fall behind
and i wish that we were all for love

i’m only young but i know the difference
between your condemnation and the one who really loves
i’ve worked out love is more than just emotion
but some days all i want to do is cover up

you are my love you are my love
’cause i need more than just my love

i’m only one in a world of millions who can save this heart
who can set me free?
the things i face to me seem so d-mn crucial
but when i look in suffering eyes i always see my place