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lirik lagu 4 minutes of contemplation – paul kremleff


the city falls asleep
another day has gone
you’re looking out the window

feeling all alone
you’re trying to remember
some moments of your life
you are closing your eyes
and going back in time

to the days of childhood fantasy
to the days of joy and spree
to the days of the sweetest dreams
to the place of your happiness

now you’re torn between the two worlds
the last chance to make the choice
should you listen to what they all say
or to your inner voice?
there’s only one way to win
don’t try to lie to yourself
don’t be afraid to be strong
your future is in your hands

spread your wings and fly
from darkness to light
over the ocean and the fields
to the place of your happiness

struggle for existence
freedom or slavery
shadow or sunlight
you are still between
stuck in the reasonable doubt
you cannot move on
lost in your own thoughts
you are all alone

one thing can change your life
one book can change your mind
sometimes there’s just one step to the place
to the place of your happiness