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lirik lagu 1908 – paulie gott’em


[verse 1]
bih i’m outside
all around curtains on my ride
i hope the milkshake come fries
we ain’t breaking we surfing these tides
new swing set so u kno gne slide
new rainbow kit u kno i got pride
joker crazy i b actin delirious
keep a hunnid just n case u curious
shoot it up donuts when they ain’t feeling us
bad b*tches only everything fleek
out the back me n the money on sneek
new pack n whole gottem squad geek
label keep me happy witta quarter on weekend
chance it i’ll spin
fruits n veggies i blend
backshots 4 her n her friends
pink n dem blues when i spin
law of attraction
gotta keep that water on the sun
who #2 cuz u kno i’m 1
kicking sh*t bussdown thats fun
eliantes looking like they run
b in town wit them cookies on me
mr chow it ain’t no puppy in me

one phone call n i make a withdrawal
if we coming we bringn em all
fingers dancing we gne have us a ball
when i’m in it i stand up tall
models bottles money
yea yea
all in my section
santorini paris argentina
i ain’t doing no flexing
gold 44
i’m living juss like a pen king
medallions vvs 100 pack 4 the whole team
new lambo i backout juss like a pen king
blue water wit me washn away every scene

[verse 2]
diamond out mask
jumpn on furniture wit all my jewelry on
we moving fast
pop another yellow n the white goin b takn me home
do a 360
n*gga count up n better all b there my boy
love my cheesecake
oops wanna have fun we bringn all the toys
dirtbikes 4wheelers can am n da streets n we leavn marks
give me task deadline no mo talkn they kno ima hit da mark
liars don’t even look my way don’t play last time i smelled ya fart
u gotta b sh*ttn
eye contact like i cnt believe he d*ckn
puerto rican princess goin crazy
nun less then mercedes
we b n sky pray i don’t die
expect worse still make it bless
lotta chains on gotta bullet proof my chess
n*ggas still playn checkers when i been switched over to chesss
walkn thru the industry beating on my chess