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lirik lagu 4 in a fanta – peezy & babyface ray feat. g.t. & philthy rich


yeah, hey, hey
i’m a young n-gg-, real n-gg-, drug dealer
d-mn i’m sorry mama, i turned out to be a villan

come f-ck with us, or get f-cked over n-gg-
that’s real sh-t, if you know me you gon’ feel it
play around with dogs and put my mind on a million
i can make a big bank roll, just chilling
typa n-gg- found a small town, make k!llings
these n-gg-s stealing my style, they my children
fake tough n-gg-s calm down i need real ones
i don’t want to hear about a body, you ain’t did it
money ain’t a thing if it’s there go get it
raised in a jungle, all i know is gorrillas
gotta stay alert i can hear the snakes hissing
all the n-gg-s see is codeine when i’m p-ssing
when i come around these f-ck boys is a difference
b-tches wanna blow me, big rex and my dinner
n-gg-s wanna front like something they’re not and ain’t in ’em
losing like a b-tch, fronts up like they winning
got a mink vest with the hood for the winter
make one call out to cali and they send ’em

hey, play the game safe, sh-t can get tricky
may 17 rice vs wheat down that memph
this tennessee trip next week mississippi
after that atlanta, dirty fanta or a sip
then me and ray hope out that i.a tell ’em light grey
hustlin’ over here we used to struggle, now it’s hot plates
500 degrees or a date on a block late
i can tell ’em n-gg-s ain’t getting it ‘cos his watch fake
family over everything but put your money first
15 hundred b–bs and that b-tch i know her stomach hurt
being broke feel funny, i don’t know nothing worse
and before i go back to that you’ll be in the dirt
if you scared go to church, be prepared for the worst
got my hands on some worth, got out here and put in work
used to get it off the chirp, up when the birds chirp
up like a mother f-cker, jumped in there head first (la)

f-go got a 3 up in me, he dropping all these foreigns
but they ain’t weekly rented
ben baller my jeweller, he highly recommended
that jeweller you shopping with, licence suspended
one carat stones in a bracelet, a n-gg- taking sh-t
that’s like me with a basic b-tch
see i was taping bricks in and outta state with it
yeah you was taking trips but on a buddy p-ss, b-tch
in my hood you gotta catch a body to be somebody
yeah he say he want pressure we gon’ see about it
have you ever seen the meanest parked in the lobby?
b-tch don’t stand behind me stand right beside me
went out with the last, only time i sip quaali
it’s a lotta hot check, running through my body
hit the d with all my ice on, tuck a chain
see, see all these other rap n-gg-s lame
for real, all these other rap n-gg-s lame
wants to rob a the plane with them thangs
ain’t a d-mn thing change
go to any hood, jump auto let my chain hang red
and watch supreme bandana but i don’t gang bang
i just set off traps with the roaches and the thugs arrest
i done rode to harm by myself with a thousand pecs
fall off in the club with them goons, where them bottles at?
balenciaga hoodie on my back costs a ounce of crack
living like a king but i’m gonna die a legend
heard you n-gg-s worst nightmare is the diamond tester
send that money on the bag that’s a bright investment
had versace on head to toe when i got arrested
was either get a job or learn how to stretch it
let a p-ssy n-gg- rob, put him on a stretcher
i can get you hit from across town, ’cause i got leverage
woke up early, rolling out the pound of drunk i ate for breakfast